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+ 100 Blank Maps of Guitar E, A and C Scales

+100 Mapas Mudos de Escalas en Mi, La y Do para Guitarra (en español)

+ 100 Blank Maps of Guitar E Scales

Easy way to learn to play and follow guitar scales

+100 Blank Maps of Guitar E ScalesMaps of music scales on the mastil guitar

The Blank Maps of Guitar Scales helped me to learn to play the scales since I got the guitar,so I think it could be useful for anybody else, especially those like me, unable to understand sol-fa. The templates represent the mastil guitar, with the notes to push signed in white and the dominant in grey. The final image is so similar to a punch card code.

It has been designed as most simple as possible (only black and white, with no colors and no letters) to be really easy to understand and assimilate just in a look at any distance, so the user can print a scale and follow it on a music stand, or directly read the ebook with the smartphone, the tablet or on the computer screen, while playing the scale. You will be able to read the scales as far as you can see the map, it won´t be necessary to stay over the music stand.

The compilation will be usefull for every kind of users, professional players too.

+100 Blank Maps of Guitar E, A and C Scales is original idea and design by Ibán P. Sáchez. All rights reserved.


You can buy the compilation with more than 100 guitar E scales in paper book or digital version for ebook readers. Download for free the examples and share with us your experience.


List of music scales included in the book

Natural A Minor / C Major
Altered Pentatonic
Arabaian (a)
Arabaian (b)
Auxiliary Augmented
Auxiliary Diminished
Bebop Dominant
Bebop Half Diminished
Bebop Major
Bebop Minor
Chromatic Bebop
Blues Major
Blues Enneatonic 2
Blues VI
Blues Variation 1
Blues Variation 2
Blues Variation 3
Mixo Blues
Auxiliary Diminished Blues
Celtic Pentatonic
Chinese Chaio
Chinese Kung
Chinese Youlan
Chinese Mongolian
Chinese 2
Chromatic/Diatonic Dorian Mixed
Chromatic/Permuted Diatonic Dorian Mixed

Diminished Half
Diminished Whole Tone
Dominant Pentatonic
Dominant 7th
Dorian #4
Eigth Tone Spanish
Ethiopian (A Raray)
Ethiopian (Geeze & Ezel)
Ethiopian Anchi Hoye
Ethiopian Ambassel
Ethiopian Ambassel Major
Ethiopian Bati
Ethiopian Bati Lydian
Ethiopian Bati Minor
Ethiopian Tizita Major
Ethiopian Tizita Minor
Ethiopian Tizita Second
Harmonic Minor
Double Harmonic
Genus Chromaticum
Ghana Pentatonic
Greek Kiourdi Minor
Hungarian Gypsy
Hungarian Gypsy Persian
Hungarian Major
Hungarian Minor
Indian Raga Abhogi
Indian Raga Audav Tukhari
Indian Raga Bhupeshwari
Indian Raga Budhamanohari
Indian Raga Chandrakauns Kiravani
Indian Raga Chhaya Todi
Indian Raga Desh
Indian Raga Deshgaur
Indian Raga Devaranji
Indian Raga Dhavalashri
Indian Raga Gambhiranata
Indian Raga Gauri
Indian Raga Harikauns
Indian Raga Hindol
Indian Raga Jayakauns
Indian Raga Khamaja Durga
Indian Raga Kokil Pancham
Indian Raga Kshanika
Indian Raga Kumarapriya
Indian Raga Kumurdaki
Indian Raga Mamata
Indian Raga Manaranjani
Indian Raga Marga Hindola
Indian Raga Matha Kokila
Indian Raga Megharanjani
Indian Raga Megharanji
Indian Raga Mohanangi
Indian Raga Multani
Indian Raga Nabhomani
Indian Raga Nagasvaravali
Indian Raga Neroshta

Indian Raga Priyadharshini
Indian Raga Purnalalita
Indian Raga Puruhutika
Indian Raga Putrika
Indian Raga Madhuranjani
Indian Raga Pahadi
Indian Raga Pilu
Indian Raga Rasika Ranjani
Indian Raga Rasranjani
Indian Raga Reva
Indian Raga Rukmangi
Indian Raga Samudhra Priya
Indian Raga Saugandhini
Indian Raga Shri Kalyan
Indian Raga Shubravarni
Indian Raga Valaji
Indian Raga Varamu
Indian Raga Varini
Indian Raga Varini 4
Indian Raga Varini 3
Indian Raga Zilaf
Indian Raga Zilaf mode 5
Indian Raga Zilaf mode 4
Indian Raga Zilaf mode 3
Indian Raga Zilaf mode 2

Ionian #5

Japanese (a)
Japanese (b)
Japanese Akenobo
Japanese Hanryo Hanritsu
Japanese Kokin Joshi
Japanese Miyako Bushi
Japanese Hirajoshi
Japanese Hirajoshi 2
Japanese Iwato
Japanese Ichikosucho
Japanes Insen
Japanese Kumoi
Japanese Taishikicho
Japanese Yo
Jewish Adonai Malakh
Jewish (Ahaba Raba)
Jewish Chad Gadyo
Jewish (Magen Abot)
Korean Kyemyonjo
Korean Nando-Kyemyonjo
Korean Pyeong Jo
Leading Whole Tone
Locrian/Aeolian Mixed
Locrain Half Diminished
Locrian Major
Locrian 6
Super Locrian
Lydian Augmented
Lydian Diminished
Lydian Minor
Lydian #2
Melodic Minor
Melodic Minor (Descending)
Maqam Nawa Athar
Maqam Suzidil
Mayan Long Count
Messiaen Mode 3 Inversed
Messiaen Mode 3
Natural Pure Minor
Neapolitan Major
Neapolitan Minor
Nine Tone
Octatonic Half-Whole
Octatonic Whole-Half
Oriental (a)
Oriental (b)
Overtone Dominant
Pelog 2
Pentatonic Major
Pentatonic Neutral
Phrygian Moorish
Prometheus Neopolitan
Romanian Bacovia
Romanian Minor
Scottish Pentatonic
Scottish Scriabin
Six Tone Symmetrical
Whole Tone


+100 Blank Maps of Guitar E Scales

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How to use the blank maps of guitar scales:

Blank maps of music scales to learn to play and follow guitar scales

The chromatic scale is very good example to understand how does it work because it includes all the twelve tones and semitones on a single octave for each string, so it is represented with all squares in white, and there are no black squares, so all them should be pulsed to follow the chomatic scale in an exercise.

On every map, in the left side, we can see the first column of circles, what represents the strings played without pulsing any note. The square columns are the guitar frets of the first twelve frets on the mastil guitar. If you know basic sol-fa, you can recognize the position of the different notes. Note E is in grey because it is the dominant tone on each scale for this compilation. All of the maps from this book are E scales.


Blank Map of the Japanese Akenobo Scale


Example: Difference between the pentatonic and the blues variation 1 scale

The pentatonic scale is known by all guitar players. The blues variation only includes one more note than the pentatonic scale. It is easy to observe the difference of the blank maps images in a look.


Free downloads

Download for free the following blank maps and test it by yourself. Click over the image to download the blank map on a high resolution to be printed with good quality as big as you think it is necessary.

Please, share with us your experience in Facebook, in URL:

Pentatonic E Scale


Blues Variation 1 E Scale


Hirajoshi E Scale


Egyptian E Scale


Marijuanean E Scale

The Marijuanean is a new scale created by Ibán P. Sánchez, named as a tribute to marijuana, unjustifiably demonized and criminalized in the last XXth Century, whose properties have inspired lots of beautiful melodies since the ancient phytagorean to the musicians of our days. The Marijuanean music scale is only included in the printed book version, represented as a blank map of the mastil guitar in E, A and C tones.

The Marijuanean is the Pastafarian Cannabitus Brotherhood official music scale. This sect trusts in the one and true god, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and they bless their pasta mixed with a lot of marijuana, as it is commanded by the religion.




+100 Blank Maps of Guitar E Scales

Buy book (paper edition) price = 12,99€ - 12,28$ USD

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Buy eBook (digital edition) price = 5,18€ - 5,49$ USD
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